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Stock Analysis on Net

Company objective

Our objective is to provide you with high-quality financial analysis of companies issuing securities as well as valuate their stock quoted at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ). We deliver also financial analysis and valuations for whole sectors of world economy, represented at the NYSE. In short, we provide you with the complete set of information necessary for every investor who understands the advantages of investing at Global Markets.

All analysis we prepare are drafted with the use of the latest achievements in the field of corporate finance, accounting and investments. Furthermore, they are based on the latest financial data derived both from the market and quoted enterprises.

Apart from you, we provide our financial analysis and stock valuations to:

  • stock exchange investors willing to expand their sources of information with regard to their own investments,
  • investment advisors dealing in the management of investment funds, pension funds or insurance capital funds,
  • financial and investment analysts, for whom an extensive information base constitutes the basis for preparing an exhaustive assessment of the financial situations of enterprises or sectors under research, in conformity with the mosaic theory,
  • employees of management accounting or controlling departments.

It needs to be stressed here that the financial analysis offered by Stock Analysis on Net contain comparative analysis of enterprises within a given industry. Due to that, our clients receive a complex and full image of the financial situation of stock exchange companies against the background of the whole relevant sector.

The characteristic features of analysis delivered to you are:

  • the use of consolidated financial statements in all cases in which a given company prepares them, since consolidated statements present better the real state of corporate finance,
  • the use of financial statements of a given company for the period of several years so that it is possible to notice the tendencies of its financial situation,
  • in-depth studies of development tendencies in respective enterprises, describing their profitability, fixed assets and current assets management efficiency, financial liquidity, solvency and debt level,
  • Stock valuation on the basis of practical models, widely used for many years in countries with highly developed capital markets.