Stock Price Trends

Stock Price Trends

Even if you are proficient in technical analysis, you will be surprised. Our approach to trend analysis is unique. We prefer a strictly scientific rather than expert approach. Statistical methods are much more accurate than visual evaluation of charts.

Our research and development team, consisting of outstanding quantitative analysts, have developed a method for estimating trends. This method uses mathematical statics, specifically:

  • linear regression to estimate trend line parameters,
  • a 95% confidence interval to estimate the lower and upper bounds of the price channel,
  • and Student’s t test and Snedecor’s F test to estimate the trend start time and length.

Science is objective. Therefore, trends revealed using mathematical statistics are more accurate than those traced by a human hand.

We cover over 1,500 stocks listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

Who is Stock Price Trends for?

Stock Price Trend was created for technical analysis enthusiasts. Particularly, stock market investors who follow the trend or are looking for the moment of its change. We are helping to recognize the direction of price changes on the stock market.

Do I need to know mathematical statistics?

Absolutely, no. If you don’t know what mathematical statistics is, or you’re not familiar with its methods, that’s okay. You just need to know the basics of technical analysis.

Mathematical statistics are only needed at the stage of trend estimation. This is what we do. However, the results of our work are understandable for every technical analyst.

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